FastGem now offers USA ePay as another payment gateway option (in addition to, STAX, etc)! 

USA ePay integration offers you the ability to charge a credit card, void a charge, and refund a charge in FastGem. Currently creating subscriptions with USA ePay is not possible. 


For more information on basic invoicing and payments in FastGem, see THIS article. 


Setting up USA ePay integration with your FastGem instance (ADMIN ONLY)

To connect your USA ePay portal with your FastGem instance, you will need:

  • Your USA ePay API Key
  • Your USA ePay PIN


First, as FastGem Support to enable USA ePay integration for your instance. Support is also happy to help with the rest of integration setup if you require it. 

After USA ePay integration has been turned on, head to the admin portal of your instance. You can access the admin portal of your instance by adding /a to the end of your normal instance address. For example, the URL that will take you to the admin portal of our demo instance is

Once in the admin portal (backend) of your instance, click Config from the main menu: 


Next, head to the Integration tab: 


In the integration tab, under USA ePay Integration Settings, enter your USA ePay API Key and USA ePay PIN.

Set the USA ePay environment to Production.

Normally USA ePay auto Send Receipt should be set to NO, unless you want your customers to receive automatica receipts from BOTH FastGem AND USA ePay when their card is charged. 


Remember to Save!